Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader

Actron CP9125 PocketScan Code Reader

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  • ASIN: B0007LEG2K
  • Item model number: CP9125

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Actron CP9125 PocketScan Diagnostic Code Reader is designed for novice and helps to read the status of why the check engine lights are on. It is compatible on all new domestic and import vehicles including CAN. This reader enables the user to read OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the on-board computers. It clears the diagnostic trouble codes which turns off the light after the repair and displays emission status.

  • Designed for novice and helps to read the status of why the check engine lights are on
  • Compatible on all new domestic and import vehicles including CAN
  • Enables the user to read OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the on-board computers
  • Tool is updateable, accommodating future vehicles
  • Reader includes a one-year limited warranty

Amazon Customer Reviews

PocketScan Code Reader, 
September 4, 2009
5 Stars

I recently bought the Actron CP9125 pocketscan code reader to help diagnose some recurring issues with my car, a 2003 VW Passat sedan with a 1.8L 4 cyl engine. I'd had some issues with the engine running rough, check engine light coming on, etc. I bought the reader, read the instructions (which were very simple and straightforward), and plugged it in under the dash. After a brief time with the engine idling roughly, the code reader provided two codes, one indicating I had a problem with the no. 3 cylinder misfiring, and with an oxygen sensor. By switching the plug-in ignition coil on the no. 3 cylinder to the no. 4 cylinder, then checking the reading again and noting it now showed a misfire in the no. 4 cylinder I was able to determine the ignition coil was malfunctioning. I went to my local foreign parts store, bought the coil for $48, and plugged it in...problem solved, no trouble codes anymore. Last time this happened, I didn't have a code reader and took it to a repair shop I'd been using. $357 dollars later I'd gotten my car back with 4 new ignition coils and 4 new spark plugs and wires. Buying the coil myself and plugging it in for $48 was a HUGE improvement, and EASY. Great product, and very valuable for helping you know what's REALLY wrong with your car when you take it in for service!

The Unit Just Works!, 
May 18, 2009
5 Stars

My car has 115,000 miles on it and runs fine but I needed to smog it and my check engine light was on thus preventing it from passing a smog check. Due to the age of the car, I just want to avoid the service shop. So I ordered the Acutron CP9125 to see what the problem was and to reset the light. Well, I got three error codes. After researching each code I determined that the problems did not warrant any further attention. I reset the system, the check engine light is off and I am ready to smog it. If the light comes back on, I will do a little more research. Plus, I can use this in the future whenever that light comes on. Saves time because you don't have to bring your car into a shop. Saves money, because you don't have to pay someone to tell you what is wrong or not wrong. The unit just paid for itself after one use. I have been wanting something like this for years. THANKS!

Works Perfect, 
April 2, 2009
5 Stars

For a code basic scanner, it works perfect for us non-mechanics. It scans for the code and you compare it to the booklet. You have to research a little on what the code means for example "P0455 - EVAP Emission Control System Leak - Large". You can enter that code into "" search or "" and it gives you the problem and possible solutions. It ended up my wife did not tightened the gas cap. Problem fixed and cleared the code to turn off the Check Engine Light.

A diagnostic test costs around $85 at a shop just to run the machine to check the code, but at least with this you can scan it yourself and keep the machine if you ever need it again. You save 20 bucks and get a new toy.

Functions just as described, 
January 6, 2009
5 Stars

This product is amazing. It has already saved me money since I can clear the check engine codes myself.

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