Black & Decker AD925 Smart Scan Automotive Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool

Black & Decker AD925 Smart Scan Automotive Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool

  • Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.1 x 2.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Item model number: AD925
  • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries required.

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When your "Check Engine" light comes on, the Black & Decker AD950 self-diagnostic tool displays the same information stored in a car’s computer that a mechanic uses to diagnose and fix problems. When the "Check Engine" light comes on, for cars manufactured after 1995, insert the SmartScan in the OBDII port near the steering wheel column. The easy-to-read LED screen displays the fault code – the same information a mechanic will see – for why the "Check Engine" light illuminated. The SmartScan is sold with a reference manual of the fault codes which easily stores in the glove compartment. Urgency Indicators also display how serious the problem is. Arrow pointing to green bar indicates the car’s computer is not reporting a problem, and the Smart Scan has the ability to turn off the “Check Engine” light. Arrow pointing to yellow bar indicates the car should be looked at in the next five days. Arrow pointing to amber bar indicates a mechanic should see the car soon before further damage can occur. Arrow pointing to red bar indicates an immediate repair is needed. Catch minor problems before they become big – and expensive. Visit a mechanic armed with knowledge about what is wrong, including which parts might be affected, and don’t be charged for unnecessary repairs. If buying a used car, evaluate the overall condition of the car before purchasing.

  • Displays codes used to diagnose and fix problems
  • Diagnose problems instantly, whether at home, in a parking lot or on the side of the road
  • Urgency Indicators display seriousness of the problem
  • Save time and money by diagnosing codes yourself instead of going to a mechanic
  • When a problem is fixed turn the check engine light off without visiting a mechanic

Amazon Customer Reviews

Easy to use, quality product. Buy it!, 
August 12, 2009
5 Stars

The B&D Smart Scan does the job easily and well. It is a quality built product that should save the owner money for years to come. I used it and replaced the AIC Valve in my Honda Accord. I saved $225 compared to the dealer cost of part and labor. I purchased the part at Auto Zone for half the dealer cost. The original part was made in Mexico and the replacement from Auto Zone was Japanese. I got the best deal all around and paid for the Smart Scan with $135 to spare for the next repair! I prefer the convenience of having the tool rather than having to get to a part store for their choice.

Cool Product, 
December 8, 2008
5 Stars

Easy to use product that tells you immediately if you have something to worry about with your car. The web site is nicely done and is free when you buy the product.

Excellent product, 
December 4, 2008
5 Stars

This is an excellent product. I saw a review on a local news broadcast and it truly is a deal. I've been looking for one of these code readers for a while and this was a great price. Does exactly as advertised.

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